Garden City Motors Shelly Beach

Garden City Motors Shelly Beach.

Garden City Motors Shelly Beach has a long established presence on the South Coast. An accredited passenger vehicles dealership for sales of new and Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz.

Garden City Motors Shelly Beach first opened its doors as Union Motors in 1923 as an “Auto Union” car franchise it later acquired the Mercedes-Benz franchise and has been a Mercedes-Benz dealer since 1961. In 2002 the dealership changed its name to Union Motors South Coast.

Committed to ensuring complete satisfaction through our products and services, Union Motors was founded on the promise that, whoever you may be, you deserve to be treated by us with gratitude, not attitude. As a result our unrivalled dedication to client satisfaction has ensured our position of leadership for more than eighty years. You can be assured that this promise will continue within the Garden City Motors Shelly Beach dealership.

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