The new Actros with MirrorCam: digital rear-view mirror improves all-round visibility and facilitates manoeuvring and cornering.

Numerous additional functions enhance safety Perfect assessment of traffic behind, better visibility at night and in bad weather MirrorCam has proven itself in practical use, positive feedback from drivers and company owners The MirrorCam consists of two cameras mounted on the left and right of the roof frame, two upright monitors mounted on the A-pillars in the driver’s cab and control elements in the door module and in the secondary display. There are also buttons on the passenger side and by the bed to switch on the MirrorCam when the engine is switched off.

The images transmitted by the cameras are transferred to the two 15.2-inch monitors with a resolution of 720 x 1920 pixels. Like the conventional mirror system, the monitor image is divided into a main and wide-angle field of vision. Deletion of large mirrors provides for better all-round visibility As the MirrorCam cameras are attached to the roof frame and the monitors are located inside the cab, the driver has a much better direct view through the side windows.

The view diagonally ahead, which was previously obstructed by the large exterior mirrors of a conventional mirror system in many situations, is now clear. This is particularly advantageous when approaching junctions and roundabouts, when manoeuvring and in tight bends.

See more to the rear thanks to wide-angle mode The MirrorCam also assists the driver when reversing and the display then changes to a special manoeuvring view. In particular, reversing around corners is made easier as areas further away from the vehicle are also displayed in the usual size. This view is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged and is still displayed when driving forwards up to a speed of ten km/h or until it is deactivated with a button.